photographer, wife & mom

I believe in real moments and chasing sunsets. In the kinds of images that are full of light and joy and love. I believe love stories should be told and your wedding is just the beginning. I photograph couples who are crazy about each other and ready for the best adventure yet— marriage.

Being in love is magical, and I am lucky enough to freeze it in time with bright, airy, clean images that are full of light. To me, light is happiness. And capturing light, love and joy between two people, is my super power!

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I'm a wife to the best husband out there (and totally ok with how completely cheesy and cliche that sounds!), a mom to 4 kids (who drive me absolutely insane on a daily basis, but then melt my heart all at the same time), and a photographer.

The voice inside my head has a southern accent. I technically "grew up" in the south, but that was like 17 years ago, and my actual southern accent is long gone. But I find it trying to sneak out when I'm blogging, and I have to shut it down, because you can only say ya'll when you're legit southern.

In college, I thought I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. When I started having my own kids, I quickly realized there ain't no way I could cut it. Teachers are saints, I am not.

I have a deep love for Chick-Fil-A. Like I could eat it multiple times a week and not get sick of it. Not that I’ve ever done that before. And the Chick-Fil-A workers definitely don’t know be by name.I have an equally deep love for McDonald’s Diet Coke. It’s just the best. Period.

I love food, but hate to cook. Unless it’s baking. Because baking equals treats or bread.
Both of which are very important to me. 

I played basketball in High School, and still have nightmares that I show up to practice without my shoes. Which would have pretty much been the worst thing ever.

I’m the oldest of 5, and totally own that role. Which basically means I’m extra bossy. And very slightly opinionated.

The beach is my happy place, but I live smack dab in the middle of the country. 

Country music is my jam. I know every word of every Tim McGraw song. And my list of favorite country music artists is way too long. I love them all.      

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I do what I do

I love weddings, I believe in marriage, I love my couples, I love love stories. I love LOVE! And being part of the most love-filled days is pure magic.

One of my favorite things about what I do, is being able freeze, forever, all of that love and all of that happiness and all of that magic. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than with your wedding photos. And I would even say, that a picture is worth a thousand feelings. 

A wedding day is just that, one day. One day that represents the journey of two people falling in love. One day, dedicated to celebrating that love. One day that marks the beginning of forever, together. And day one of marriage. 

I do what I do so that all of those feelings that led you to your wedding day, are never forgotten.