We did it! We made it through January! And now it’s time to think about the one you love. Yup, in just 14 short days, the holiday dedicated to all things love will be here.  Are you ready? I mean aside from raiding the Target Valentine’s Day aisle! 😉 Because I have a challenge for […]

The Love Challenge | 14 Days, 14 Acts of Love


Neutral wedding colors.  If there were love languages for photographers, neutral wedding colors would be one of them.  What a way to end my 2018 wedding season.  Danielle and Jake had the most beautiful wedding at Hermann Hill Wedding Venue.  From the Jimmy Choos, to the baseball bat mugs, to the most perfect wedding dress […]

Neutral Hermann Hill Wedding | Danielle and Jake


If there was ever a day for a wedding in the country, it’d be Samantha and Austin’s fall wedding at Heartland Farms. Country farm wedding venues were made for fall.  And it was the most perfect day from start to finish.  Perfect fall temperatures, a slight fall breeze, fall colors all over the trees, and […]

Heartland Farms Fall Wedding | Samantha and Austin


The bridal suite at The Four Seasons St. Louis is like none other.  Floor to ceiling windows, across two rooms, with the most fabulous views.  The Arch shines in the not too far off distance.  The Martin Luther King bridge, stretching over the Mississippi River.  It’s a pretty spectacular space to start your wedding day. […]

Four Seasons St. Louis Wedding | Alex and Tim


If there was ever a fairy tale wedding, this was it.  And if downtown St. Louis is your kingdom, then Union Station Hotel is your castle.  And if you start your wedding day in a castle, you better believe the entire day will be magical. This downtown St. Louis wedding is what fairy tale dreams […]

Downtown St. Louis Wedding | Kristin and Joe


One of my favorite wedding trends lately, is bridesmaids wearing different shades of color. And, when I saw Nicole’s bridesmaids, in their different shades of mauve, it made my photographer heart skip a beat! Nicole planned, and thought out, every last detail of her wedding day. And, let me tell you, she nailed it.  Floral […]

Shades of Mauve, Cedar Creek Wedding | Nicole and Travis


About Me, For the Bride

January 28, 2019

Emily Broadbent Photography | One Year Later

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

We are almost a full month into 2019, and I can hardly believe it.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this little business of mine. Reflecting over 2018, dreaming of the future. There’s just something about the beginning of a new year that gets my brain all fired up!  

Around this time last year, I sat down and wrote out my “why”. The reason behind Emily Broadbent Photography.  I needed to put into words what my heart was feeling. It felt cheesy then, and it still does today.  BUT, putting it out there was a big step in the growth of my business. 

Here’s the funny thing about growth, it always involves change. It doesn’t have to be drastic change, or life altering change. In fact, it’s usually little by little. BUT, you can’t grow if you don’t change!  And bonus points if you actually learn something through the growth! So, as I sit down this year, I’ve discovered that my “why” has grown! I’ve learned and grown SO much this past year, and the reason I’m doing what I’m doing has grown with me.

Emily Broadbent Photography, 2.0

Weddings are my main focus. That hasn’t changed. If anything, I’m more committed! I love weddings, I believe in marriage, I love my couples, I love love stories. I love LOVE! And being part of the most love-filled days is pure magic.

One of my most favorite things about what I do, is being able freeze, forever, all of that love and all of that happiness and all of that magic. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than with your wedding photos.  And I would even say, that a picture is worth a thousand feelings. 

A wedding day is just that, one day. One day that represents the journey of two people falling in love. One day, dedicated to celebrating that love. One day that marks the beginning of forever, together. And day one of marriage. 

I do what I do so that all of those feelings that led you to your wedding day, aren’t forgotten. Because marriage isn’t always a perfect wedding. 

Emily Broadbent Photography

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