A Timeless Black and White Wedding Affair

Step into the realm of black-and-white elegance and timelessness as we delve into the captivating wedding of Allen and Kaitlyn. Much like their enduring love, this celebration defies the bounds of time with classic charm and sophistication, beautifully accentuated by the everlasting allure of a black-and-white color palette.

A Classic Black-and-White Palette for Timeless Elegance

The wedding design was a study in classic sophistication, effortlessly merging the boldness of black and the purity of white. This timeless combination set the stage for a celebration that felt both traditional and contemporary, creating an atmosphere where every moment seemed to stand still in its beauty.

The Grand Venue: Marriott St. Louis Grand

The grandeur of the Marriott St. Louis Grand provided the perfect backdrop for their lively, monochromatic celebration. The Statler Ballroom, with its graceful ambiance, was the chosen setting for their vows, while the Crystal Ballroom, resplendent with black-and-white glamor, hosted the reception. Every corner of this venue exuded opulence, elevating the overall atmosphere of the event.

A Groom’s Dedication

Allen’s unwavering enthusiasm for being a part of the wedding planning was touching, and unique. His background in the hospitality industry brought expertise and a keen eye for black and white details. Hosting his family from Croatia added a layer of motivation to ensure this celebration of their two families coming together as one was done in a harmonious and significantly beautiful way.

Getting Ready in Style

Their preparations mirrored the elegance of the day itself. The couple readied themselves at the Marriott St. Louis Grand, ensuring a seamless transition into the chic main event. 

A Love That Radiated Warmth

What truly set this wedding apart was the palpable love between Allen and Kaitlyn. Every glance, touch, and smile radiated warmth and joy, creating an atmosphere of pure love that enveloped everyone in attendance. Their love for their family and friends was no different. 

A Tiffany’s Surprise

One touching moment was Allen’s surprise gift to Kaitlyn: Tiffany’s & Co. earrings. This gesture, despite breaking their vow not to exchange gifts, added an extra layer of emotion to their special day, showcasing the depth of their affection.

Capturing Elegance at The St. Louis Central Library

The Central Library in St. Louis served as the backdrop for their photographs, enhancing the culturally rich, classic, elegant vibe of the day. The resulting images formed a breathtaking collection that flawlessly encapsulated their love and the exquisite beauty of the occasion.

Vows of Love, Black-and-White Ceremony

One of my favorite moments of the day was a surprise during the exchange of their vows. Despite not speaking Allen’s family’s native language, Croatian, Kaitlyn learned a portion of her vows in Croatian. This touching gesture to the groom spoke volumes about their love and dedication for one another.

The Dance Floor Magic

The pinnacle of the evening was the live performance by Griffin and The Gargoyles. They put a delightful twist on the popular wedding trend inspired by AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Instead of the traditional approach where the bride and groom take photos with various tables or groups, they gathered everyone onto the dance floor for one epic black and white group photo and an unforgettable dance session. As the wedding photographer, capturing such extraordinary moments like these is an absolute privilege.

Pure Happiness

In the end, what resonated most was the sheer happiness that radiated from Allen and Kaitlyn. Their timeless black-and-white affair was filled with pure joy, a testament to their enduring love that left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to witness it.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming tales and breathtaking moments as we continue to capture love stories that truly touch the heart. 

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Venue: The Marriott St. Louis Grand Invitation designer: VO Handmade Videography: Luxe Wedding Films Baker: Temmtations By Wedding Wonderland Band: Griffin and the Gargoyles – Contemporary Productions Bridal hair: Meghan Marquis Bridal Makeup: Jennifer Lynch – Flawless Bridal Makeup + Hair Bridal gown designer: Morilee Bridal shop: Clarice’s Bridal Groom attire: Men’s Warehouse Portrait Location: St. Louis Central Library

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