What happens when you combine the most perfect wedding venue with Styled Shoots Across America AND some fabulous photographer friends? A totally magical/amazing/incredible styled shoot at Emerson Fields! I love styled shoots. And I LOVE Emerson Fields. It’s a dream. As a wedding photographer, styled shoots are the perfect way to be creative, have some […]

Styled Shoots Across America at Emerson Fields


Fall showed up for Rachel and Jason’s Saint Alban’s wedding! It was a beautiful day at a beautiful place with beautiful people. After a cat, a dog, and a house together, Rachel and Jason said “I do” surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Saint Albans was the perfect scene for this […]

Saint Albans Wedding | Rachel and Jason


Sunflower Hill Farm is set back in the hills of Augusta, Missouri.  Family owned, and beautifully maintained. It’s picturesque landscaping is the perfect setting for a romantic end of summer wedding. Technically, it’s supposed to be Fall. But the blooms and warmer weather would say otherwise.  Alyssa chose the perfect color palette for her big […]

End of Summer Sunflower Hill Farm Wedding| Alyssa and Adam


Jamie and Rick are both an only child. Their wedding day was a BIG deal. So many happy tears, and so much love from all sides. And Jamie’s endless smile, was pure joy. They chose to celebrate in a brand new venue, Aquila Barn, out in the country. After a beautiful ceremony at St. Patrick’s […]

Fall Wedding in Wentzville, Missouri | Jamie and Rick


If Heaven were in Missouri, it’d be at Little Piney Lodge. Nestled in the the hills of Hermann, in the middle of Missouri wine country, it’s pure bliss. And when you’re there, you’re part of the family. Dreams come true at Little Piney Lodge, and when a wedding photographer and wedding planner combine dreams, magic […]

Little Piney Lodge Photographer Shootout | Styled Wedding


Even in the summer heat, a Cedar Creek wedding doesn’t disappoint. And it’s the perfect place for a bright, summer wedding! Chandra and Josh chose to have their ceremony on the lawn, with the most scenic views of Missouri’s rolling hills. Combine that with the dreamy, summer light, and their ceremony was magical. But, really, their day […]

Summer Wedding at Cedar Creek | Chandra and Josh



June 4, 2019

Creve Coeur Lake Engagement Session | Chandra and Josh

These two. These two are the CUTEST! We had so much fun at Creve Coeur Lake and then at the Creve Coeur Airport for their engagement session. Even with the crazy wind, it was a blast. I mean we ended the session in front of the cutest airplane. It was perfection!

In the meantime, let me tell you their story. Because we all know how much I love love stories! When I sent Chandra and Josh my usual get-to-know-you questionnaire, I got TWO separate sets of answers. One from Chandra and one from Josh! I LOVED that Josh was totally into the questions and LOVED his answers!  I don’t usually copy and paste, but I feel like it’s too perfect this time not to…

How long have you been together? Tell me your love story!! Including how he proposed!

JOSH: Met in Dec 2014, couple early 2015.  We both swiped right! Proposed while opening Christmas presents a few days before Christmas.  I wrapped up a shoe box with an emoji picture of myself presenting the ring inside. Once she opened it I was ready with the ring.  I was quite nervous so I’m sure I’ll still catch grief for it come wedding time.

CHANDRA: We met online (tinder!) in November of 2014, after a MONTH of emails and texts, Josh asked for a date (only after Chandra called him a “pen pal”).  Our first date was the end of December 2014. Fast forward to the week before Christmas 2018: The heartfelt proposal was at home just the two of us (and may have included bitmojis).

Tell me a little about yourselves! What are your hobbies, favorite things to do as a couple?  What is your ideal date night?

JOSH: Since I was a child I’ve been in love with aviation.  I got the bug from my grandfather who was a career pilot. We spent many years attending air shows and touring local airports to watch planes.  I became a pilot myself at the age of 27. I also love any sort of motorsports. Cars, motorcycles, boats etc. I love vintage cars/trucks and would love to incorporate this or something aviation related into our photoshoot.

We love food, this defines our ideal date night.  Dinner, drinks and perhaps a movie at home when we have time.  

CHANDRA: Mutually we enjoy college TIGERS football (Chandra Mizzou, Josh Auburn), cardinals baseball, sunny days on the patio with Maclin, walks around the block (again with Maclin), and country concerts.  Our ideal date would likely include the above, but pre-empted by a Mexican dinner.

Any fun or interesting facts about your relationship?

JOSH: Tinder was a simple swipe right, the chances of having a lot in common are few.  However, as we started dating we found a lot in common. We both love football! Specifically, college football.  While we root for different teams we are both Tigers at heart! We love cards baseball, old homes and estate sales to name a few.

CHANDRA: Fun facts about our relationship (we’re pretty boring, but maybe that’s good) lol:  One of my good friends from vet school and Josh had multiple mutual friends, but had never met.  He’s now a groomsman. We have celebrated Valentine’s Day at Sugo’s for five years in a row!

Favorite foods, stores, movies and restaurants?

JOSH: Pizza, more pizza followed by Mexican and BBQ.  Stores? Mostly stores that sell tools, guns and car parts.  My all time favorite movie is Top Gun. Early in our relationship I quired Chandra on her fav movie.  She told me “Top Gun” I’m not sure if that’s the truth of if she was just trying to win me over!

Top restaurants…  Sugarfire, Chick-fil-a and Giordanos (famous pizza chain in Chicago).

CHANDRA: Mexican (see above!), Pizza, Josh loves Chik-Fil-A (but I am a vegetarian and prefer Jimmy Johns lol).  I love Target and Home Goods. Josh would probably prefer Wal-Mart. We both consider Top Gun our favorite movie, but actually have never been to the movies just the two of us (In fact, we’ve only been to one movie together ever, and that was with Josh’s family).  Favorite restaurants: again, see Mexican lol, but also Joe Boccardis. My favorite restaurant is Murry’s in Columbia, MO, but Josh admittedly likes it too.

I told you! The CUTEST!  Can’t wait for their summer wedding!


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