What do you get when a Kate Spade, corgi loving girl, falls in love with a hunting, fishing, country boy? A Kate Spade inspired, Sunflower Hill Farm wedding. Sunflower Hill Farm is the perfect blend of class in the country. High end finishes and attention to detail, but out of the hustle and bustle of […]

Sunflower Hill Farm Wedding | Taylor and Brandon


Rachel and Zach are living proof that long distance relationships can work. And, not just work, but thrive. But, what happens when you’re doing the long distance thing, and jobs change, all while planning a wedding? St. Louis becomes your destination wedding location! And a Windows on Washington wedding becomes the perfect place to bring […]

Windows on Washington Wedding | Rachel and Zach


There are weddings. And then there are airplane hangar weddings. I’ll be the first to admit, that when Megan told me her reception would be in an airplane hangar, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be awesome, and I was beyond excited about it, but that was about it! And […]

Airplane Hangar Wedding | Megan and Tim


Queeny Park is one of my favorite spots for an Engagement Session! I love it so much, Jesse and I had our anniversary pictures taken their last year! I especially love it, because it’s never busy. (I’m looking at you Forest Park on a weekend!) So, I knew this would be the perfect place for […]

Queeny Park Engagement Session | Laura and Chris


We did it! We made it through January! And now it’s time to think about the one you love. Yup, in just 14 short days, the holiday dedicated to all things love will be here.  Are you ready? I mean aside from raiding the Target Valentine’s Day aisle! 😉 Because I have a challenge for […]

The Love Challenge | 14 Days, 14 Acts of Love


Neutral wedding colors.  If there were love languages for photographers, neutral wedding colors would be one of them.  What a way to end my 2018 wedding season.  Danielle and Jake had the most beautiful wedding at Hermann Hill Wedding Venue.  From the Jimmy Choos, to the baseball bat mugs, to the most perfect wedding dress […]

Neutral Hermann Hill Wedding | Danielle and Jake



May 24, 2019

Marquette High St. Louis Engagement Session | Mariana and Andrew

I bet you read that title and thought, WHAT?!! But let me tell you the story of Mariana and Andrew…

They met in Spanish class, at Marquette High School, over 10 years ago. Mariana was an exchange student from Brazil, and quickly became friends with Andrew. Mariana was in awe of everything about coming to an American high school.  When she saw the halls of lockers for the first time, she said she felt like she was in the movies. In Brazil, they don’t have lockers at school! When she saw the football field for the first time, she said she felt like she was in a scene from Grease.

Andrew asked Mariana out back in high school, and she turned him down!  Then, years later, they reconnected on Facebook, and the rest is history!

Mariana and Andrew wanted to bring back the nostalgia and have their engagement session back where it all began…Marquette High. And it was the sweetest!

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