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About Me, My Love Story

January 11, 2018

My Love Story – Part 1: Girl Meets Boy

It’s no secret that I love working with couples.  One of my favorite parts about meeting couples, is hearing their love story!  I’ve never heard the same one twice, and it’s always so fun to hear the excitement and feel the love they have for each other.  I also really love romantic comedies.  And Hallmark Christmas movies.  And, I’m not admitting to anything, but I hear Nicholas Sparks knows a thing or two about love stories.  Who am I kidding, “The Notebook” is one of my favorite movies ever!

Ok, but real life love stories are my absolute favorite.  I mean they’re real!  And real love is just about the happiest thing ever!  So, I had this idea…

I’m a real person.  And I’m in love.  And it all started somewhere.  So why not share my love story?!  From the very beginning to the right now. All of it.

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Part 1: Girl Meets Boy
Part 2: The First Date
Part 3: The First Kiss
Part 4: I Love You
Part 5: I Think I Wanna Marry You
Part 6: I Do

Part 1: Girl Meets Boy

I grew up in a medium sized town (totally a thing) in Tennessee.  Sometime during my high school years, I came up with a plan for my life.  Graduate.  Go to BYU (like my mom did). Become an interior designer.  Or a teacher.  Or a social worker. Get married.  Have babies.  Live happily ever after.

It was a decent plan!  Until one day, I woke up and decided I did NOT want to go to BYU.  I swear it was that sudden.  And I still have no idea why I abruptly decided that!  It could have been that my boyfriend at the time had no plans to go to BYU.  But, even then, I never would have admitted that.  I was NOT going to be the girl that followed a boy. So, at some point I decided the real reason I’d changed my mind was because I knew too many people that were going there, and I wanted to go somewhere where I didn’t know a soul.

Enter the parental units.  This part of the story is proof at just how sneaky and wise and RIGHT parents can be.  It’s so annoying.  My dad started asking me all kinds of questions about what I really wanted out of a college – to which I’m sure I had terrible answers – and then proceeded to tell me all the things HE thought were a good idea in a college.  I must have been in a good mood, because I remember agreeing with most of what he said.  Once we established what I wanted, we started brainstorming locations.  And guess what came out of my dad’s mouth? “What about California?” Insert jaw drop emoji (that should really be a thing). Um, YES PLEASE!  That’s an option?!!

My dad’s version of the story is a bit different.  He saw his daughter with a high school boyfriend, who she suddenly decided NOT to move far away from, and he knew he had to bring out the big guns.  And to his credit, as soon as I heard California, I was all in.  But, just to be safe, taking a trip to visit several California colleges was probably a good idea.  It was.  And, by some miracle, I got into my first choice, UC Santa Barbara.  The most BEAUTIFUL college campus you’ve ever seen.

Just like that, I was on my own.  I didn’t know a soul.  And I had a new plan: spend as much time at the beach as possible, and still pass my classes. (Ask my dad how that turned out!)  Communications major.  Graduate.  Get a really cool job, IN CALIFORNIA.  Get married.  Have babies.

My new plan totally kicked my old plan’s butt.

I spent A LOT of time at the beach. And class (haha, who am I kidding).  Got involved.  And one September weekend, ended up at a dance in Huntington Beach, with my best friend.  We had plans to meet up with our good friend, Scott, who had been out of the country all summer.  And also these other cute boys we’d met a few weeks earlier.  Basically, we had options.

Little did we know, Scott wasn’t feeling good, and was seriously considering bailing on us.  Until he got a call from his buddy, Jesse, asking if any of his Santa Barbara friends would want to hang out.  When Scott mentioned that my friend and I would be at this dance, Jesse convinced Scott he wasn’t THAT sick, and they needed to go.  Apparently he’d heard good things about those Santa Barbara girls.

Meanwhile, my friend and I show up to the dance.  Late.  And Jesse offers to pay for us to get in.  Which we take him up on and then disappear to find those cute boys.  Apparently, we had no shame.  Much to our dismay, those cute boys were a bust.  I’m sure Scott and Jesse were feeling the same, but some how we all ended up at Del Taco.  And Del Taco has the best chicken soft tacos.  And this girl loves food.

And that guy, Jesse, bought me a taco.

To be continued…

To read part 2, click HERE!

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