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About Me, My Love Story

January 16, 2018

My Love Story – Part 2: The First Date

It’s no secret that I love working with couples.  One of my favorite parts about meeting couples, is hearing their love story!  I’ve never heard the same one twice, and it’s always so fun to hear the excitement and feel the love they have for each other.  I also really love romantic comedies.  And Hallmark Christmas movies.  And, I’m not admitting to anything, but I hear Nicholas Sparks knows a thing or two about love stories.  Who am I kidding, “The Notebook” is one of my favorite movies ever!

Ok, but real life love stories are my absolute favorite.  I mean they’re real!  And real love is just about the happiest thing ever!  So, I had this idea…

I’m a real person.  And I’m in love.  And it all started somewhere.  So why not share my love story?!  From the very beginning to the right now. All of it.

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Part 2: The First Date
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Part 2: The First Date

Have you ever had a Del Taco chicken soft taco?  I never had, until that guy, Jesse, bought me one. He insisted I needed it in my life.  Boy, was he right.  But that’s really beside the point.  We ended up chatting over our tacos, and figured out that my grandparents, and his parents lived in the same town.  In Missouri!  I mean, what are the odds, that a girl from Tennessee, would meet a boy from Missouri, in California??  It was just crazy enough, that we couldn’t stop talking!  Which must have consisted of me bragging about my basketball skills, because he asked me on a date.  To play basketball.  It was really more of a challenge, then an actual date.  But I didn’t say no.

So, if you remember, my friend, Jen, and I had driven to Huntington Beach for this dance.  And it was far enough from Santa Barbara, that we had planned on staying with Jen’s parents for the night.  Which happened to work out perfectly for this date I’d just been challenged to.

The next morning, Jen and I walked down the street from her parents house, to a very conveniently located basketball court.  Yup, my best friend chaperoned my first date with this guy, Jesse.  I mean, as far as she knew, all he was good for was buying tacos.  Plus, it’s a lot easier to get your best friend’s opinion on a guy, when she’s there.  On the date.

But Jen didn’t play basketball, so she was my cheering section.  She’s a good friend.

So there we were.  Jesse and I warming up (this was serious), and Jen in her lawn chair.  We started with a game of horse.  And I totally kicked Jesse’s butt.  Phew, I still had it.  You know, from my glory days of playing high school girls basketball.  At a very small school.  In a medium sized town.  In Tennessee.  Shooting was pretty much all I could do.  And even then, I was having a good day.

Jesse didn’t like losing to this girl he’d just met, so he convinced me to play one on one.  It’s probably worth mentioning, that, at the time, Jesse was 26, and is 6’3″.  I mean it was over when he dunked on me.  I don’t remember what we played to, but it was a short game.

And then, all of the sudden I did NOT feel good.  We’d been playing out in the sun, and it was hot.  And we’d eaten tacos at midnight.  It was time to GO.  I literally took off running back to Jen’s house, leaving Jesse and Jen in the dust.  I have NO idea why Jesse stuck around, OR how I explained that one away, but we finished up our first date, hanging with Jen and her parents!  Who, by the way, I had also just met for the first time that weekend!

Miraculously, I somehow left Jesse wanting more, and he convinced me to go on a second date with him.  That night!  Thankfully, I was feeling much better, and over the embarrassment.  And he had obviously done a very good job impressing me with his mad basketball skills.  So, I said yes.

And to this day, we technically consider our second date, our first date.

To be continued…

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