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Neutral wedding colors.  If there were love languages for photographers, neutral wedding colors would be one of them.  What a way to end my 2018 wedding season.  Danielle and Jake had the most beautiful wedding at Hermann Hill Wedding Venue.  From the Jimmy Choos, to the baseball bat mugs, to the most perfect wedding dress […]

Neutral Hermann Hill Wedding | Danielle and Jake



September 20, 2018

The Entrepreneur’s Dating Game Part 2: The Rebound

When I hear the word “entrepreneur”, I can’t help but think of the show Shark Tank. You know, the show where all these different entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a bunch of wealthy investors (the sharks), hoping for some moola so they can make it big.  Some of the businesses are genius, and the sharks get into bidding wars over who will invest.  Other businesses just aren’t the right fit for the sharks.  But, one thing all of these businesses have in common, are extremely ambitious entrepreneurs, with really great ideas and big dreams.

I’ve never pitched an idea to a room full of millionaires, hoping for some of their money.  But, I am a doer.  I’m determined to a fault.  I have a need to make things happen.  And I’ve had several businesses of my own!  I am an entrepreneur. 

Here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur…it’s like dating. From start to finish, entrepreneurs play the dating game.  And the entrepreneur’s dating game is just as confusing and complicated as the regular dating game. But, the end goal is the same, to find your true love.  The yin to your yang.  Your better half.  The one.  And, when you’ve found the one, it’s magical.

Now, let me tell you all about how I found “The One” that made my entrepreneur heart sing.

Part 1: First Love

Part 2: The Rebound

The Entrepreneur's Dating Game

I was back in the entrepreneur’s dating game.  My heart was still a little broken over my first love/business.  And, when broken hearts are involved, you can almost always count on a rebound.

The thing about rebounds, is they are very rarely the smartest choice.  They usually start off full speed ahead and then fizzle out just as fast.  They tend to be the complete opposite of whatever relationship you had before.  And they’re exhausting.

That’s exactly what “We Heart Freebies” was.  My sister-in-law and I missed the excitement and challenge we had with our first business, but still weren’t completely over it yet.  So we did something crazy, and started a website, full of FREE stuff.  I’m still not entirely sure why we thought this was a good idea.  Especially because one of the things we loved the most about our first business was actually making money! 

The Entrepreneur’s Dating Game

But, like any rebound, logic didn’t really matter.  And there we were, exhausting ourselves trying to create FREE stuff, that we claimed to love, for an audience of probably 10.  Needless to say, this rebound fling ended just as quickly as it started.  It just wasn’t worth it.  It wasn’t real.

I did, however, still learn a lot in that brief relationship.  Well, really from the combination of my first love and my rebound…

  1. I really liked making money.
  2. I needed a challenge, but didn’t like spending time on things I didn’t love.
  3. I really liked having a business, but, I wanted to find “The One.”

And just like that, I was back in the entrepreneur’s dating game.  Someone send help!!

Find out next week all about my “it’s complicated” relationship.  Or, catch up with Part 1!

And if you like love stories, check out my real life love story HERE!

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